Sabina Nicolae wins Poster Prize at HTC Conference


Sabina A. Nicolae, received a 1st place poster prize for the work on “Biomass based carbon materials for gas storage and separation” , during the 2nd International Symposium on Hydrothermal Carbonisation, organised by German Biomass Research Center DBFZ.

The 2nd International Symposium on Hydrothermal Carbonisation, took place on 14-16th of May,2019, in Berlin Germany, and it was focused on recent developments, driven by both fundamental research and applied technology. Researchers from diverse disciplines ranging from chemists, material and chemical engineers, to agricultural and soil scientists were invited. Companies in solid waste, wastewater treatment, as well as those in the agricultural and energy industries with feasibility studies or full-scale technological applications were also invited. The symposium offered a platform for discussions across disciplines and between researchers and practitioners.