Publications 2019

We publish regularly in a variety of journals in a number of fields, including Carbon, Advanced Functional Materials, Nature Communications and Materials Horizons, among many others.

Below is our published works over the current year.

From Waste to Wealth: From Kraft Lignin to Free-standing Supercapacitors

Carbon Volume 145, April 2019, Pages 470-480

Philipp Schlee, Omid Hosseinaei, Darren Baker, Alice Landmér, Per Tomani, María José, Mostazo-López, Diego Cazorla-Amorós, Servann Herou, Maria-Magdalena Titirici

Free-standing supercapacitors from Kraft lignin nanofibers with remarkable volumetric energy density

Carbon 145, 470-480

Philipp Schlee, Servann Herou, Rhodri Jervis, Paul R. Shearing, Dan J. L. Brett, Darren Baker, Omid Hossein, Per Tomanid, M. Mangir Murshed, Yaomin Lif, María José Mostazo-López, Diego Cazorla-Amorós, Ana Belen Jorge Sobrido and Maria-Magdalena Titirici

Hard–Soft Carbon Composite Anodes with Synergistic Sodium Storage Performance

Advanced Functional Materials, 2019, p. 1901072

Fei Xie, Zhen Xu, Anders CS Jensen, Heather Au, Yaxiang Lu, Vicente Araullo‐Peters, Alan J Drew, Yong‐Sheng Hu, Maria‐Magdalena Titirici

Ordered mesoporous carbons from lignin: a new class of biobased electrodes for supercapacitors

Green Chem., 2019,21, 550-559 

Servann Herou, Maria Crespo Ribadeneyra, Rajesh Madhu, Vicente Araullo-Peters, Anders Jensen, Philipp Schlee and Magdalena Titirici