Titirici Group attaches great importance to the dissemination of knowledge, engaging younger generations and spreading interest and excitement about science.

Pint of Science 2019

Dr. Servann Herou gave a 20 minute talk on his research to an audience of the general public on the 22nd May 2019 in the Horseshoe Pub, Clerkenwell. Servann studies sustainably sourced and synthesised supercapacitors.

Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019

After a long time, Titirici group continues its outreach activities.
Here we are again with one of the most awaited events of the year for Londoners, Great Exhibition Road Festival!
This year, although we did not have our own stand, our group volunteered at the festival to support other scientific studies. spend a day full of science and fun!

Zanzibar 2018

We have run a couple of science workshops for Zanzibar's amazing children to contribute their skills development and to provide a new perspective on nature... We Titirici group support Science for All without borders!

Science Museum 2018

Science begins with wonder. Thanks to the @sciencemuseum and #yearofengineering, with hundreds of children joining us we've started to wonder and rediscover what we see in everyday life. For example, many different types of battery.